Peter Yagmin - Dynamic Technology Professional

These recommendations are taken from my LinkedIn profile and are the source for the speech bubbles titled "What other people have said about me..."

“I knew that Pete brought years of experience in development with him when he started in the web department at Primary Design, but even considering that experience, I was extremely impressed with how quickly he got fully up to speed with the code of our client websites and web applications. From the first day, Pete jumped right in and started making updates as well as suggesting improvements in the code which would streamline and neaten things up. In addition to programming, another interest and skill that he brought to the table was a genuine interest in user experience design. At the beginning of the first new project that we put him on, before plunging head-first into code without thought to the design, he took the initiative to step back and wireframe the screens to ensure that they would have a good flow and would satisfy all of the requirements. He has a contagious enthusiasm for development and UX, so talking code or UI design with him was something that I always found enjoyable. Without a doubt, Pete brings many skills and interests to the table and he was a great addition to our web team.”

- Jen Demore, Web Department Manager, Primary Design managed Peter at Primary Design

“I hired Peter to help with a website redesign, and I am thrilled with the results. I had initially spoken to Peter a couple of months ago regarding a website redesign that I wanted to have implemented. At the time I was not ready to commit, but he stayed in touch with me every step of the way, he was courteous, professional, and was not pushy in any way. I respected his approach, and when it came time to hire Peter for the work, he listened to the exact specs that I wanted from the website, and delivered. His follow up is impeccable, he was so easy to work with, and his response time was lightning quick!! I am thrilled with the result, I will definitely hire Peter again when it comes time to make additions to my website, and I would wholeheartedly recommend Peter to anyone else who needs help with website design and implementation.”

- Dave Serafin, hired Peter as a IT Consultant in 2009

“Pete has done a great job providing us with software development to meet very specific needs of our company. His responsiveness and adaptability have enhanced his product development. Pete was extremely easy to communicate with and was prompt and timely in all transactions.”

- Mike Balles, hired Peter as a IT Consultant in 2007, and hired Peter more than once.

“I had Pete do extensive work on my website and back-end databases, He is a pleasure to work with and provided great results.”

- Ken Glass, hired Peter as a IT Consultant in 2007, and hired Peter more than once.

“Peter is one of the very best programmers and web designers I have had the privilege of working with. I've seen him work endlessly to achieve perfection, and it shows every time.”

- Heather Shirin Neff, Creative Director, was a consultant or contractor to Peter at Portjump Development.

“I have know Pete for 12 years and have worked with him on several projects throughout the years. He is still one of the fastest web development specialists I have ever worked with and always delivers exceptional products.”

- Chris Hendrix, Owner, SkuFlow Inventory Systems worked directly with Peter at Portjump Development.

“In my experience with Pete both as a co-worker and consultant he has exhibited a thorough understanding of multiple coding languages but even more importantly, he demonstrates impressive & creative problem solving ability. Pete can take any project from soup to nuts and he does so with fantastic results.”

- Jason Inch, Owner, Inch Designs worked with Peter at Potpourri Group

“I worked with Pete for a number of years--he was great colleague who was the technical rock of the Marketing group. With the challenges that were presented to him, he never saw obstacles, only opportunities to improve the 12 e-commerce sites for PGI. He was a pleasure to work with!”

- Hanna Arnold, Senior Designer/Producer, Potpourri Group worked directly with Peter at Potpourri Group

“I have worked with Pete for number of years now. He is dedicated in getting his work done. He helped me and other people in the company launch number of new initiatives. He is a team player and is fun to work with.”

- Ankur Parashar, Director, Strategy and Planning, Potpourri Group managed Peter indirectly at Potpourri Group

“I have worked with Pete on numerous projects since my start at PGI. I have found Pete to be a good problem solver; using both technical skill sets and common-sense deductive logic. He has a “yes I can” attitude and is a team player. For these reasons I value Pete’s work.”

- Phillip D'Orazio, Manager, Ecommerce Marketing, Potpourri Group Inc managed Peter indirectly at Potpourri Group

“High energy, enthusiastic and on the ball. Pete loved tackling tough challenges. We were always short staffed at BabyZone given all the initiatives we had going on. Pete always stepped up with already full plate of responsibilities and took on projects outside his technical comfort zone and delivered. He's a spectacularly talented web developer and a pleasure to work with. I hope our professional paths cross again.”

- Robert Encarnacao, Principal Web Developer / Deployment Manager, managed Peter indirectly at