Automagical Mobile Website Generator

Put your website title and description in the provided text boxes, but keep it short and sweet.

You can include your name and email as the author of the website, but it's not required.

In the logo field, put the full url path to your hosted image.

Enter the hex code for the background color of your header.
Header and Meta Information

Assign each page a title which will serve as the page header like a chapter in a book.

In the content section, you can put whatever information you would like that relates to this section of your website. Remember to keep it simple; mobile websites are intended for small screens and users don't want to have to do a lot of scrolling!

HTML is ok to use in the content sections; just remember to close your tags!

Body/Pages Content

Footer text will appear across the bottom of all the pages defined in the section above.

Enter the URL of your current website to link users to the 'full' non-mobile version of your website.
Website Footer